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Rally + Scentwork


Rally Obedience is a dog sport that combines elements of traditional obedience with a fun and interactive twist. In this activity, handlers navigate a course with their dogs, performing various obedience exercises indicated by signs along the way. The emphasis is on teamwork and communication between the handler and the dog, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience for both participants.


Scentwork is a canine activity designed to harness a dog's natural scenting abilities. In this sport, dogs use their noses to locate specific scents hidden in various environments. Handlers guide their dogs through a series of searches, emphasizing the canine's ability to detect and communicate the presence of scents. Scentwork provides an engaging and rewarding experience for both dogs and handlers.

class format + more info

Thursdays, at 11:30 am

Classes are taught by Darcie Myers

These classes are designed for dogs at an introductory or novice level, meaning if you've never done these sports before this is the perfect introduction opportunity! The format of the classes will alternate each week between Scentwork and Rally. This means that one week will focus on Scentwork, and the next week will focus on Rally, and so on. If you're interested in both activities, attending each week will provide a varied and enjoyable experience for you and your dog. It offers the flexibility to participate in both classes and have a different focus every week.

Sign up for each class individually! Flexibility is important, and your schedule is busy, so just sign up on a week to week basis as your schedule allows! 


**If you are new to dog sports, a basic manners course or approval from The Fundamental Dog is required before this class.**


space is limited to 5 teams to ensure everyone gets adequate time to learn and improve with the given feedback and instruction. Pre-registration is required and we cannot accommodate walk ins. Please be sure you receive a confirmation email with each registration.  

tuition + fees

$30 per class, per dog
$25 per class with the class package
($100 per package)

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