Judy Ramsey

Judy Ramsey has owned, trained, and titled a variety of breeds. In 1980 she trained and began showing her very first dog, a Sheltie.  Since that time she and her family have shared their home with two other Shelties, a Doberman pinscher, two Belgian Tervuren, a Keeshond, two Papillion, a Miniature Wire Dachshund, and five Border Collies.  In addition to training and showing her dogs, she actively participated in therapy dog work for more than 20 years, involved her three children in training and showing, and accumulated a multitude of loyal students.  Her success is largely due to her ability to create and modify concepts and techniques for any dog regardless of breed and temperament.  In addition, students benefit from her teaching skills which enable them to implement mechanics and concepts necessary for them to be successful with their own dogs.  Over the past four decades, Judy has earned an Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH), many Master Agility Championships, a breed Championship and a multitude of other titles in Obedience, Agility, and Rally.

Lora began training and showing dogs at a very young age. As a child, she would frequently attended therapy dogs, dog obedience classes and dog shows with her mother, Judy Ramsey. At 15 years old, Lora got her first dog, a Papillon named Piper. Piper recently passed away but we will remember him not only by his love but also by his various obedience, rally and agility titles. Lora and Piper also did Therapy Dog work in San Antonio at a nursing home while Lora attended college at UTSA. While in San Antonio for college, she also taught beginning and foundation classes at K9 Country Club for four years.


Lora currently has five Border Collies.  Marco is from Border Collie Rescue, and has earned a multitude of obedience, rally and agility titles throughout the years, including a MACH (agility championship).  Marco is now nine years old and currently enjoys life while doing outdoor activities such as running, hiking and swimming. Flare is Lora's other Border Collie who currently competing in agility.  Lora and Flare compete in AKC and UKI agility, and in 2019 they competed in the UKI US Open in Jacksonville, FL. Spicy is about a year younger than Flare and is from Border Collie Rescue.  Spicy is working on obedience and Rally skills and is looking to compete in 2020.  Porter is a 2 year old border collie working on agility skills and hoping to show soon! The newest addition to the household is Surprise, a black and white 4 month old border collie! 

In training, Lora really focuses on the relationships with her dogs.  She believes all training in every aspect should strengthen the relationship between dog and human in a positive manner.  When dogs enjoy learning, they perform skills better.  

Lora Raycroft

Kristie has been involved with all things DOG since 1993. She got hooked on obedience training and competition with her first dog, which led to therapy dog work, which led to agility training and competition, which led to teaching, which led to service dog training. Kristie has earned numerous obedience and agility titles on her dogs over the years, but her true passion is helping others. She considers herself more of a people trainer than a dog trainer.


Kristie has worked with all breeds, mixes and temperaments of dogs, and uses positive motivation to help owners build strong relationships with their dogs. She feels training should be fun for the dog, as well as the handler!

Kristie is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and a Tester/Observer for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. She also has experience working with dogs with disabilities, such as deafness.

Kristie Niemi