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conformation classes

Woof! Ever heard of doggy runways? Well, they're officially called conformation shows, where our furry pals strut their stuff. But hold your biscuits, it's not a beauty contest! Nope, it's all about how well our four-legged friends match their breed's standard.

Picture this: instead of comparing the pups, judges are like doggy fashion police, making sure each pooch rocks their breed's signature look. Why the fuss? Well, the closer a dog nails their breed's standard, the higher the chances of them having super stylish pups that meet the same high standards. That's right, it's all about maintaining the fabulousness from one generation to the next!

Oh, and sorry to burst your bubble, but mixed breeds without a pedigree and spayed/neutered purebreds can't join the conformation party. It's like an exclusive club for the runway-ready canines only. So, next time you see a dog strutting its stuff at a conformation show, just know they're not vying for a crown – they're aiming for that paw-some standard!

Conformation Handling Class

1 week "drop in" class, 1 hour classes

Tuesdays, at 7:30 pm

This class is for dogs who are new to conformation or who also are currently showing and need help troubleshooting skills! Instruction will be tailored to each team depending on what they need. This class is taught using positive reinforcement strategies and training methods.  This class requires that dogs be able to work in a group environment.


**If you are new to dog sports, a basic manners course and approval from The Fundamental Dog is required before this class.**


space is limited to 7 teams to ensure everyone gets adequate time to learn and improve with the given feedback and instruction. Pre-registration is required and we cannot accommodate walk ins. 

tuition + fees

$30 per class, per dog
$25 per class with the class package
($100 per package)

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