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Creating a more harmonious life for people and their dogs through training!


Each of our classes has been designed to help dogs and their owners work together through positive reinforcement training methods. Dogs will learn specific skills and their owners will learn how to implement these skills in their every day life. Our main focus for classes is optimizing the communication between canines and their humans! 

Building relationships between humans and their dogs through positive training methods.

At The Fundamental Dog we believe training your dog should be FUN, EFFECTIVE and POSITIVE.
We have carefully designed curriculum for every single one of our classes.  Through well thought out lesson plans, we are able to ensure that each student gets their needs met with every class they take.  Everything from our Puppy program to our CGC classes, teams can relax knowing they are in good hands. 

Our professional team of dog trainers are constantly improving our classes and staying up to date with the latest training methods.  We  are always adding new and fresh skills to our classes. 

When you and your dog visit The Fundamental Dog, it is more than a class, it's an experience! 

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