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AKC Trick Dog

4 week class

Novice + Intermediate AKC trick dog evaluation/test

pre-requisites: puppy or basic manners class (at any training facility)


This is a great class for dogs to not only receive some official titles to their name, but also for owners and dogs to build a relationship and learn some fun party tricks! This is a great class for dogs who want to build confidence and also a capacity for learning.  Whether you want to participate in dog sports, or just have fun with your dog, this is the class for you!

This class will focus on the first two titles in the AKC trick dog program! Students will receive their Novice AND Intermediate AKC trick dog title evaluations upon completion of this class. 


New classes starting soon! Below are the start dates for our upcoming classes! Each class will continue for 2 weeks on the same day of the week and time that it starts! ​​​​​
  • TBD

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