Therapy Dog Classes at The Fundamental Dog! 


Therapy Dog Prep


4 week session
Each class length: 1 hour

pre-requisites: Delightful Dogs, Everyday Essentials or another basic manners class.  The AKC CGC title/class is strongly encouraged before this class. 


In this class, dogs will focus on different skills necessary to be successful therapy dogs.


Teams will learn how to navigate through usual places therapy dogs visit and the necessary skills that therapy dogs should be able to perform.    Your instructor, Kristie, is an active therapy dog volunteer with her sheltie, Keen.  Her expertise will give students the necessary tools to successfully join a therapy dog program!

New classes starting soon! Below are the start dates for our upcoming classes! Each class will continue for 4 weeks on the same day of the week and time that it starts! ​
  • TBD