Introducing: Puppy Yappy Hour!

An evening dedicated to a safe, productive and puppy play time enhanced with focus and obedience games! 


Puppies will start and end the session with focus games! This will help to ensure that puppies are able to focus, even before and after play!

The session will be under supervision of one of our professional instructors! Space will be limited so the environment is not too crowded.

Vaccinations will be required and checked before class! The room will be cleaned and sanitized before the puppies arrive.

Thursday evenings! 45 minute groups

Group 1:

  • 13 pounds and under

  • geared towards smaller breeds and younger puppies

  • 0 - 9 months

  • limited to 6 puppies

Group 2:

  • 14 pounds and over 

  • geared towards larger breeds

  • 0 - 6 months

  • limited to 5 puppies

*registration is for one night only *

Pricing + Registration